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Advocacy is the glue that makes things happen. As advocates, we listen to the community, we organize concerns and place them in the hands of the responsible parties. We speak up on issues that matter to the communities that we serve.
Disaster Management
CAN focuses on in four key areas in Disaster Management:
  1. Mitigation 
  2. Preparedness
  3. Response
  4. Recovery
CAN's mitigation process involves providing trainings through the RREDIVI project.

CAN's preparedness process involves the coordination of evacuation of vulnerable populations to identified shelters and other identified safe zones.

CAN's response process includes the coordination and distribution of emergency relief items and services to vulnerable populations in impacted areas.

CAN's recovery services include: 
  • Long Term Recovery group support and development
  • Coordinated Access Network Training (CAN) for DCM providers
  • Disaster Case Management Program (DCM) -The Disaster Case Management program is a time-limited program that involves a partnership between a case manager and a disaster survivor to develop and carry out a Disaster Recovery Plan. Case Managers match survivors with resources that support their recovery.
If you are a disaster survivor of Hurricanes Irma or Maria in the US Virgin Islands, please contact us
CAN believes that education is the key to self sufficiency.  Through our education initiative, CAN has lauched the CAN Academy and RREDIVI
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Community service is the backbone of our work. We reach families through various outreach initiatives including youth camps, afterschool programs, literacy and leadership activities, community town hall meetings, clean-up projects and other engagement activities that support positive community growth. 
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